The Classic Motor Database

The CMDB was developed by us (Taso Media Ltd) in 2011. It uses our MotorMutt™ web crawler to examine the websites of hundreds of specialist car dealers around the world and to index the results.

Data Feeds

Many classic car dealers have uniquely designed websites and rarely do they have have data export facilities. Sharing stock with used car aggregators can therefore be challenging.

Our web crawler can access many different types of website, sucking up the stock, enhancing it and then providing feeds to third party sites via our API.

Data Augmentation Service

Data collected by our systems is enhanced using our knowledge base. This assigns extra attributes to classic cars such as model generation codes (Porsche 993, 996, 997), engine configurations (V6, V8) and categorisation codes such as 'supercar', 'vintage' or 'Italian'.

Contact Us

If you're interested in talking to us about about our services or would like to see a demonstration, please contact David Edmonston.